Схема электрик винч

схема электрик винч
Increasingly sophisticated cable technology and expensive payloads have made the handling requirements for these seemingly unimportant machines even more critical. The new Gen2 series of Smittybilt X2O and XRC winches have been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance. The X20 Series features an all new integrated wireless remote control for ease of use and maximum versatility.If youre after a winch with the ultimate in pulling power, look to the X20 COMP Series and XRC COMP Series.

These winches had an ultimate pulling load of 17,000 pounds at 570 feet per minute. Winch Instrumentation The next thing to consider in the winch design is instrumentation required. There are many interrelated factors that contribute to the calculations that have to be made to create a winch design.

With flux vector and inverter drives, ships AC power is used to produce a variable frequency drive current that operates an AC motor. During periods of low demand (usually nights or weekends when electricity is also lower cost), the upper reservoir is recharged by using lower-cost electricity from the grid to pump the water back to the upper reservoir. The DOL (Direct on Line) motors with 3 motor windings for low-middle-high speeds had limited success, as did the early VSD design which included a PLC with winch application, motors with encoders and tension control via load sensors. Pumped-storage facilities can be very economical due to peak tand off-peakThose hours or other periods defined by NAESB business practices, contract, agreements, or guides as periods of lower electrical demand. price differentials and their potential to provide critical ancillary grid services. With the advances in electronics in the last decade, inverter and vector drives have allowed the use of sealed Brushless AC motors which provide greater efficiency and reduce maintenance expenditures. The paper also describes the laboratory tests carried out with a model simulator to prove the scheme.

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