Схема enterprise 1701

схема enterprise 1701
Captain Sulu aboard the USS Excelsior provided Kirk with the new location of the peace conference, and the two ships warped to Khitomer in order to prevent a second assassination of the Federation President and the new Klingon chancellor, Azetbur. Our goal is to stabilize the model and return it to its appearance from August of 1967, during the filming of the episode The Trouble with Tribbles, which marked the last known modification of the ship during the production of Star Trek. Forward. ^ a b c Whitfield, Stephen PE; Roddenberry, Gene (1968). The Making of Star Trek.

Fabbri Publishing. 2 (8): 85. ^ Olsen, Paul (2013). Creating The Enterprise. Был уничтожен в 2285 году («Звёздный путь III: В поисках Спока»). Вооружение крейсера после модернизации включает фазеры и фотонные торпеды. The ship was designed by Andrew Probert and Richard Taylor, partly based on Matt Jefferies and Mike Minor’s design sketches for Star Trek: Phase II. Other artists who worked on the refit design were Joe Jennings, Douglas Trumbull, and Harold Michelson. The ship’s components were built at the Starfleet Division of the San Francisco Navy Yards and assembled in orbit.[12] Star Trek: The Animated Series states that Robert April is Enterprise’s first commanding officer.

После участия в многочисленных военных конфликтах и исследовательских походах стал одним из самых известных и заслуженных кораблей Звёздного флота. Retrieved November 28, 2007. ^ Whitfield, Stephen; Gene Roddenberry (September 1968). The Making of Star Trek. The rest of the CBS Digital team has been on a learning curve, but it appears that they are getting the hang of it and the new model should be a big help. Shields (Star Trek)) . Телепортационный отсек Звездолет оснащен как минимум, шестью телепортационными отсеками (англ. Not enough time and too much detailThe reasons for the Enterprise not meeting the most exacting standards are twofold.

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